Friday, September 25, 2009

BananaGrams Game Goes to Book

Bananagrams the crossword creation game has taken off with phenomenal success over the past 3 years. For fans of this game comes Bananagrams! the Official Book. Word devotees will delight with this compilation of word themed puzzles, word brain teasers, and all around fun with the English language. Bananagrams the book has a variety of puzzles to pique the curiosity and challenge the skill of word lovers. If you play the tile game you will learn several great techniques for improving your game.

Try Banana Trees, where the object is to build word grids based on a theme. Or Banana Splits, a collection of four quick anagram puzzles to be solved in rapid-fire style. Or Banana Filling - what happens when you add a 'K"?

Bananagrams Book is a great way to keep one's mind sharp, keen and engaged. College and Graduate students will find it a fun and helpful to prepare for language tests. You'll find word puzzles that are different from the actual tests questions, yet still practical for enhancing abilities.

If you are a fan a crosswords, acrostics, jumbles, cryptogram, word search, scrabble maybe it is time to try some new, unusual and stimulating variety of puzzles.