Thursday, October 22, 2009

Test Your Visual Acuity

From Life Publishing comes HOLIDAY Picture Puzzles: Can You Spot the Differences? How keen is your vision. On each page puzzlers are presented two almost identical photographs. Thanks to the miracle of photo editing software one of the images has been altered in several very subtle ways. As you scan back and forth between the two photos see if you can determine what is different.

Puzzles are rated with ascending difficulty levels. Total number of changes is indicated with small check-off boxes. Some are readily spotted (like different colored pants on Santa Claus). Other differences are tricky to find.

In all cases Picture Puzzles: Spot the Differences are fun-filled activity for all ages between 7 to 137 years.

Trade Gold Sheep Grain and more with Settlers Catan Dice Game

Settlers of Catan Deluxe Dice Game players use their gold dice rolls to trade for sheep, lumber, wool, grain or brick. Settlers of Catan Board Game has become a phenomenally successful and probably the most well-received adventure roll playing game over the past several years. Now comes along a streamlined version of the game. It is played with specially designed and embossed dice.

On each turn players have the opportunity to roll six dice up to three times. Between rolls some dice may be set (i.e.kept in place with no further opportunity to roll). Use combinations of dice to build roads, settlements and cities. For example a settlement requires 1 each of lumber, brick, sheep and grain.

Settlers of Catan Deluxe Dice Game is an very clever game which can be enjoyed by ages 8 to 137 years. So if you are the type of person who is a little adventurous with new game choices (and who does not stay with the standard unos, monopolies, yahtzees, pictionaries) then we highly recommend Settlers of Catan Deluxe Dice Game. And we suspect that after playing the dice version a few times you will look forward to playing the full board game with all its various enhancements.