Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pathwords Puzzle Wordsearch-Boggle-Tetris Come together

Words lovers as well as challenge seekers are sure to enjoy the puzzles presented with Think Fun's new 2011 puzzle called "Pathwords." Puzzlers are presented a grid of what appears to be random letters. Use selected color pieces when you find a word to cover the letters. Each grid may have three to eight words with no remaining letters. Search up, down, left, right (not diagonal) to identify words.

It is possible to find words that are not part of the actual puzzle. Choosing these words will not allow completion of the puzzle (because the remaining letters cannot make sufficient words, sufficient words in the shape of the playing pieces.)

Forty puzzle challenges are grouped into four ascending levels of difficulty. Each page in the manual represents a new puzzle.

Pathwords is very well designed. The colorful jelly shaped tetris pieces feel wonderful. The case has a sliding top. Pieces and manual store inside. The playing surface has smooth indentations which match the tetris shaped pieces; effectively keeping them positioned over words you discover.

Pathwords gets a A+ for physical design and an A+ for the puzzle style. Recommended for ages 12 to 137 years.