Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chunky Metal Brainteasers

We love Brainteasers that draw people to them automatically. Almost everyone who walks by these shiny chunky puzzles in our store will stop and try the demos.   The objective is straight forward. Take apart the two pieces and then attempt to join them back together.  The key with these seemingly simple puzzles is all in positioning the two pieces relative to each other. From here twist the two pieces simultaneously and voila !    No force is ever required.  Amazingly as one solves the puzzle the two pieces simply glide apart.

Often we notice that the people who have the quickest and greatest success in solving these metal entanglements first pause and observe the puzzle before beginning to twist and turn the pieces.   These are terrific brainteasers that stimulate that part of the mind which is employed when one needs to fix something.  How often in life do we run into some minor broken item around the house or auto that needs a simple repair ?  The most successful fixes are those that involve a small study of the situation before actually proceeding.
A small hint for the chunky metal brain teasers.   On each piece of the puzzle look for the narrowest space between the twisting metal.   Usually lining up the opposing open spaces is an excellent place to start.
Placing these chunky metal puzzles on a desk or coffee table will draw people to them automatically.   You will be amazed how much humans enjoy brain teaser challenges.  I like to think there is a "figure it out" gene deep inside the human biology.

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