Wednesday, November 23, 2011

City Square Off Strategy Game for Two Players

Calling all land barons and property magnates! Here is your chance to gather-up more of the city than your opponent. This clever match-up game was introduced by Gamewright Company in 2011. Each player has their own city grid. On each turn both players must set the exact same size piece on their city grid. Each player starts with a duplicate set of identical pieces. The excitement starts as players can choose whichever position they desire to play a piece.

Foresight and planning are the key to success in City Square Off Game. As space on your square gets filled up there will be less places to fit-in additional buildings. Player with the fewest remaining un-played pieces wins. Very easy to learn, exceptionally engaging game for two players.

You'll notice some resemblance to Blokus Game and Cathedral Game. The play in City Square Off is substantially different.

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