Sunday, May 24, 2009

Maze Book That Comes Alive

We always enjoy a new twist on an old puzzle style.   Mazes and labyrinths completed by pencil have been around for a long time.   Picture Mazes or Conceptis Puzzles have also been around for some 20 or more years in Japan and other Asian countries.   Now these picture mazes are developing a strong following here in the United States and Canada.   Picture Mazes start exactly the same as a regular maze.   Begin at the entrance, avoid dead ends, and work your way around to find the path which exists elsewhere.   The add-on is coloring or shading the maze (generally with colored pencils or markers) according to a set prescription.   At this step it is almost like paint by number.    

You will find colored dots throughout the maze.  As you reach a color dot change your pencil to that color and fill-in the entire path of the maze. 
When you finish you will be amazed at the image you have created.    Picture Puzzles combine the skills of puzzle solving with some creative artistry.  A nice 'zen-like' blend.   
Picture Puzzles will appeal to most ages between 9 to 137 years. They do require some steady drawing skill required for younger children.     Great activity for after school programs, summer recreation and camps.  Even Grandma's might want to have a few at the house when the grandchildren visit.   

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