Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Most Difficult Brain Teaser

Often puzzlers are looking for the most difficult new brain teaser to come to market. The 36 Cube Puzzle created by Think Fun Company is just such a puzzle. When assembled the puzzle must form a cube. The width, length and height are all equal.
The puzzle consists of a base with 36 permanent thin posts in varying lengths. The permanent posts form a six by six grid.
There are also 36 removable colorful thin pyramid shaped pieces which vary in length.
The objective is straightforward. Only one of each color pyramid in each row and each column. The top of the puzzle must be even (just like a flat-top haircut). One notices in the packaging that each row has ALL the same color as oppossed to the solution which requires only One of each color in each row and column.

So as you progress placing pieces on the base watch out for duplicating the same color in any given row or column. Getting between 31 to 34 pieces on the puzzle base is considered very, very good. Between 27 to 30 pyramid pieces placed correctly is Okay. One is a very Accomplished Puzzler if they can arrange all 36 pieces on the base. A person who claims they have arranged 35 of the 36 pieces is considered a fabricator.
So puzzle enthusiasts who like a real good challenge should try the 36 Cube Brain Teaser. We cannot guarantee You will be totally stumped. But we are fairly certain that most people will be baffled.

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