Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tayu Waterway Creation Game

We just received a very easy to learn strategy game called Tayu  (Tie You).   Simple rules, endless possibilties, as well as game that exhibits a pleasant charm. The game construction is an elegant design with solid red tiles and evenly distributed indentations which hold playing pieces in place.     Each tile is rectangular with white lines which represent water channels. Each solid tile has three outlets.  There are a total of 84 tiles with 28 unique waterway designs. Players attempt to make as many water channel connections as possible across the game board from east to west or north to south.  The game ends when no more tiles can be used.   You will find tiles challenging to place.   An open outlet (the white line on a tile) cannot be a dead end.  It must maintain the potential of a future connection or end at the edge of the game board.   Scoring at the end of the game is based the number of beginning outflows (on one side of the board) multiplied by the number of outflows at the opposite side.  Tayu is manufactured by Goliath Games. Game is best played with 2 or 4 players, although there is a variation for three players.   Instructions are provided in French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese,  and English.
Goliath Games is based in Europe and has recently begun distrubting many excellent games in the United States.

We really like the feel of the tiles and game board as well as how clever the game unfolds.

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